public relations

Breeding valuable connections to maintain a positive perception of your brand!

a frank communication with internal and external audience

We create strategic PR programs aiming to create an explicit form of promotion and outshines your image by focusing mainly on establishing credibility and transparency of your business in order to build a reputable brand and position you as a sincere and trustworthy organization in the market. Earning your audience trust is your key that will help you to thrive, maintain sustainable relationship with your customers and generate many leads.
We bridge you with reliable media outlets and professional sponsors who will let you communicate openly and frankly with your internal and external audience through a compelling story that shed lights on your core values and highlights your specs clearly, we also manage and organize suitable events. Ultimately our PR solutions and the clarity assurance will fetch a mutual fruitful return for both parties, your business and your target audience.

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clients review

Reda Ibrahim
Gallery Owner

Working with SPlus is a great experience we never regretted cooperating with them, ever since we started working with them, they understood our needs clearly and were very committed to offer the right solutions that fits our needs which eventually helped us to achieve many of our goals and boost our gallery sales in a short time period even before the deadline they settled