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The tendency of online shopping is growing massively and becoming more appealing for so many, so the idea is already prevailing and spreading among people, giving you the opportunity to leverage this by building a cost effective and hassle free virtual store in no time for your business.
Splus is offering you a fully customized online stores encompassing updated features, catering to serve the genere of your business and it’s need. With our E-commerce solutions nothing can hinder you from selling your product or services, as you can break the boundaries and have around the clock marketing, so you can say bye bye to any geographical or time constrains.

SPlus will provide you with All-in-one eCommerce Solution

product management

We establish feasible product management strategy that outlines the product road map to organize all the product details like adding product images, managing the variants and the options of each product and optimize its SEO.

inventory management

This tool will help you to keep track of your inventory and spare yourself the time and the hassle of updating it manually as it will be automatically done and also keep an eye on what is in stock and what is running out of stock.

variant products

Setting up detailed product variations is a significant part in any ecommerce as it improves the user experience and help them to easily navigate by introducing various purchasing options to your customers like sizes, colors, etc.

shopping cart

Our virtual shopping cart facilitates the whole purchasing process for your customers by allowing them to gather all the items they are willing to purchase and automatically calculate the total order price upon checkout.

order tracking

Incorporating a tracking system validate the transparency of your e-commerce solution as it authorizes you and your customers to track the orders from the moment, they are placed till they are delivered to their doorsteps.


You should bring on an enticing factor that will magnetize potential customers towards you and convert leads to sales, nothing is actually better than promotions, they will attract attention and boost engagement.


The Wishlist indicates the customers’ interest in certain products that they may have intention to buy in the future, by reminding the shoppers of the saved items on their Wishlist this can initiate them to take an action.


We offer ideal multivendor solution with elastic search that gathers different vendors who can sell their products via a single storefront, allowing users to have the best shopping experience as if they dropped by a mall.


For the sake of credibility, the reviews section is quite essential as it is a marketing tool itself, it will boost interaction and not to mention that positive reviews based on customer experience will generate sales.

SEO Tools integration

If you are anticipating your ecommerce platform to thrive online and grow massively, you need to optimize it for search engines that will send to you a lot of your targeted customers and help in increasing the conversion rates.

one-page checkout

Reinforce the user experience on your ecommerce website by providing single page checkout as it is way easier and saves a lot of clicks and steps which will eventually be more appealing and convenient for your customers.

reporting tools

Powerful reporting tools are extremely important to know who your customers are and how they behave, once you identify this you can easily do proper enhancement that will help you to strengthen your weak points & expand.

payment integrations

Offering a smooth and secured payment method is very crucial to validate that your platform is trustworthy, it is also essential to provide multiple payment options to give the users the choice to opt the suitable method.

shipping solutions

The integrated shipping solutions have a great impact on the reputation of your e-commerce platform; accordingly, we partner with the most reputable companies who are committed to deliver your customers’ orders on time.

customer support services

The foundation of a successful ecommerce is offering an excellent customer support, eventually this will minimize overall problems, enhance the public perception of your brand and help you retain and attract new customers.

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clients review

Reda Ibrahim
Gallery Owner

Working with SPlus is a great experience we never regretted cooperating with them, ever since we started working with them, they understood our needs clearly and were very committed to offer the right solutions that fits our needs which eventually helped us to achieve many of our goals and boost our gallery sales in a short time period even before the deadline they settled