Three benefits of incorporating augmented reality in Education

augmented reality

Three benefits of incorporating augmented reality in Education.

When it comes to the most powerful tool that can add some sort of creativity and spice up education yet be very beneficial, by far AR is the ultimate tool that can serve this role the best. Augmented reality is capable of changing the time and the place of studying, creating an interactive environment. Nowadays it is easy to apply such technology; the intervention of technology in our life is obvious so why not leverage it in something useful like education.

1-AR boosts up the student’s participation.

We all know that in every classroom there are some students who are a bit shy to speak up and participate, they even sometimes know the right answers and they hesitate to raise their hands and that goes back to many reasons they may lack the self confidence to stand in the crowd and share their thoughts or afraid that they may stutter so to avoid getting embarrassed, eventually they would rather opt to abstain from any class participation or engagement.

Now with augmented reality no matter how timid some students are, they will all spontaneously engage without any hesitation because simply they will be carried away with the immersive experience, consequently this will boost up the number of engagement in the class and the communication skills of the students, so there is no doubt that it is inevitable to interact with augmented reality.

2-AR grasps the student’s attention.

AR definitely comes in handy for students who are not attentive, tend to zone out in the classroom and easily lose concentration due to some distracting or interrupting thoughts and boredom that may comes along the way and which is mostly because of the lack of excitement and the typical run of the mill teaching methods that may lead the students to be more sluggish and not actively involved so they end up spacing out and missing out most of the lessons without reaping any benefits.

Augmented reality experience lures anyone’s attention and stimulates your senses. This enhance the performance of the students and help them to be more actively involved in the class by keeping them alert and observant to explore the magnificent beneficial learning experience and the interactive environment that they will never encounter with any tutoring tools. So AR is the ultimate tool that will assist the students to zone in and pay more attention.

3-AR is entertaining yet very informative experience!

Augmented reality creates an entertaining atmosphere where fun is contagious and prevails the whole classroom accordingly that lightens up the mood for the students and they become eagerly excited to experience everything themselves. It also alters the idea of learning from being something obligatory to be more enjoyable to do and eliminate the sense of dullness and boredom that comes from the daily routine of studying.

Merging the Augmented reality adds some sort of entertainment yet be very informative and educational experience for the students at the same time. It is also very advantageous tool for tutors as it lifts a bit of the burden of responsibility towards the students to convey the curriculum as AR contributes in helping the students to process knowledge and information faster.

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