Fixing the Facebook audience network monetization ban for small media

Facebook audience network

Alternative media outlets, the small players, was always threatened by the fluctuation of monetization from the day it was created. Between Google AdSense fluctuating CPM and the lack of sustainable revenue from sponsored content. It was always a stressful environment for any start-up in the media sector. Unless you can withstand the lack of monetization for years on out. And then, Facebook audience network came in with their strategic decision of creating instant articles paired with audience network monetization tool. It was an instant hit among the creators both mainstream and alternative as it generated more revenue than AdSense.

Later on in April 2018, Facebook audience network monetization ban was a sweeping issue that forced lots of alternative media start-ups out of business, or at least reduced back to their bare minimum.
Here is a few steps to bring back your Facebook monetization out of the banned list and protect your ownership as well as monetization for your content.
1.  Trust meter and trust flow:
Sometimes small media outlets have the perception that they actually do not need all the social media that exists. But actually, even if the social media doesn’t generate visits, social verification is still a very important aspect that impacts media trust. Every media outlet must have their entire social spectrum complete even if they aren’t being used to their full extent. To increase you trust meter you need as much reputable backlinks as possible so next to Facebook you also need (YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, twitch, tumbler, and even Google plus)
Having these accounts set up and linked to your website will increase your trust meter by an ever so small amount. Yet, this small but still measurable increase will be rewarded generously.
Now after that you have set-up your social network and increased your trust meter, you need the other variable of this equation, Trust flow.
Trust flow will solidify your position to the point that it may be enough to regain your audience network over instant articles and start monetization again.
So, it is crucial to start driving visits from the newly created accounts to your domain, you do not have to invest right away but at least use your main platform (Facebook) to gain some followers in Instagram and Twitter and the other platforms. You also need to create suitable content for the said platforms. These doesn’t have to be a full production, just small amateur production using your mobile. Video content can be created using mobile apps like Adobe Clip, Quik, and Powerdirector which you can find them on Google play store and Apple store for free.
Also managing several social network accounts by a single person can be a pain unless you use the suitable application such as Hootsuite or Buffer.
You can either request our marketing consultancy service or follow these steps:

1. Social Media outside Facebook audience network

Create other social media accounts -> create content for these accounts -> ask your fans to follow you on these accounts

2. Page rank

There is a lot of aspects that adds up to increasing your page rang but it is a long term goal something to work on for the coming future, but you still need it for the short term issue in hand which is monetization.
So you need a quick fix that gives you the slightest push that keeps you in business and allows you to work on the other aspects.
The quick fix is very simple
Google business listing, Wikipedia, Reddit
As simple as that you can easily introduce your domain to Google Knowledge base.
You can also add yellow pages and Google news and Apple news along the way. They are free and they can improve your domain’s situation.

3. Steering clear from copyright violation

When you copy and paste something please link it to the original source with clear Linking.

4. Legit Facebook business account

Every business, even personal one man show business, needs legitimacy. Create a company for your website with a corporate bank account (it is highly preferred that the company name is the same as your domain name) and add these details to your Facebook business account.

5. Increase fan base and conversion

We call this the one-one hundred approach. It is fairly simple but either you invest a lot of time in it or invest some money. But you need 1 million weekly engagement over 100k fans. So, you need thought provoking exciting content along with some promotion or ads on the topics itself as well as fans increase ads. And this should be a continuous effort throughout the year. Even in small numbers, sustainable ads campaign is more effective than small burst campaign especially on Facebook.